At Fusion Search Recruitment we view our clients as business partners and it is therefore essential that we understand our clients’ business and the industries that they operate in, to ensure that we represent them professionally and credibly in the marketplace.

Relationships are key to success and we put substantial amounts of time into developing these relationships to ensure we understand our clients businesses, so when we submit candidates it is because we believe that they not only match the job spec, but culturally and in terms of their values there is also a match. We are happy to conduct regular site visits to meet with managers to keep abreast of developments within clients’ businesses that may help us in our performance.

Communication is also vital so we ensure we are communicating adequately with the key personnel to make sure we are always on the right lines and providing as valuable a service as possible. It is not about ticking boxes but exceeding expectations and continually striving to improve.

Our Approach:

Our approach has been developed through significant time and experience, and takes the most effective elements of a retained search, but applied to a generalist process. This means that we will conduct a full market search for every vacancy we are engaged on. This search will include our extensive network and database, social media, and the most relevant of the major job boards.

We will then conduct a shortlisting process in order to assure that when we present a shortlist of candidates to our clients, they have been thoroughly assessed for suitability.

Candidates are then taken through the process until conclusion.

Fusion Search Recruitment prides itself on its levels of service and candidate care and continually strives to exceed expectation.

We work to strict KPI’s incorporating:

  • Response time to communications
  • CV’s submitted
  • Suitability of candidates
  • % of Vacancies filled

These are pre-agreed with the client according to their requirements.

We are always delighted to hear from prospective clients or candidates so please feel free to or email us or call with an enquiry and someone will endeavor to respond within 24 hours

Please Contact Us or call us on 0121 663 1734.

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